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Jarrett and Lam Consulting : Hosting & Domain Management



The price for hosting space can vary dramatically but for many it is not so obvious that so can the type and quality of hosting available. At Jarrett & Lam Consulting we manage our own secure servers. We only provide hosting for our own clients ensuring that they are not sharing the server with any less favourable websites. 

We do not apply hard limits on any of our hosting so there is no change your site will go offline or you getting sent a big bill because you have gone over your limit (fair usage policy does apply). Our servers are all well maintained and high quality.

Domain Names


Choosing the right domain name can have a big effect on how successful your website becomes. The wording used can have an influence on how and where it appears in search engines as well as how well it is remembered and thus pass on to other people. Even after all that you may have to deal with the fact that the domain you want is already taken.

Our experts understand the effect domains can have on all areas of running and promoting a website and are ideally positioned to help make sure you get the right domain name for your website.

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